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Unleash is a feature toggle system, that gives you a great overview of all feature toggles across all your applications and services. It comes with official client implementations for Java, Node.js, Go, Ruby, Python and .Net.

We use Unleash for feature toggling in NAIS and NAV. Get started at, and you can look at tips for your feature toggles available here.

We've only got one supported environment - but if you want to test it out you can use (https://)


The below tips are just a simplified digest of tips listed on their official page.

Ensure that;

  1. Defaults are set
  2. Your app doesn't die/freak out if it doesn't reach NAV IT's unleash server
  3. Feature toggles have expiration date (and are short-lived)
    • If you don't want to remove the "if feature -> toggle" code/functionality from the feature toggled in your application, consider adding it as an configuration setting in your nais.yaml instead.


Unleash supports metrics of usage of features. These can either be viewed on the web page, or in Grafana.


Is the Unleash server down or unavailable? Ask for help in #unleash!

If you're wondering about best practices #unleash is a good place to ask where volunteers will help as best as they can!

PS: You might be able to find the answers you seek by checking out NAV Recommended best practices and it's linked source!