This is a simple changelog over notable milestones for the NAIS-platform.


  • End of life for Naisd is 2020.02.02!

  • Cloud/GCP is open for everyone, but not everything is working, see documentation



  • New deployment pipeline called nais/deploy is made GA, see deployment doc


  • Upgraded Kubernetes to 1.15.4


  • First application in public cloud! We are now running on Google Cloud Platform, working towards making it available for the rest


  • Deprecated the Redis-operator, and the usage of Redis-sentinels. See doc commit for more


  • Upgraded Kubernetes to 1.15.2


  • Upgraded Kubernetes to 1.14.4


  • Upgraded Kubernetes to 1.13.8


  • Added NAIS deploy, enabling deployment from Github directly to our clusters. See deployment documentation on how to use it


  • Hard deprecate of spec.secrets: true, use spec.vault.enabled: true instead

[2019 - June]

  • Implementing access policies in Naiserator, adding Istio RBAC resources and Kubernetes network policies


  • Added support for cabundle opt-out



[2019 - February]

  • More support for Redis as an individual instance, no more sentinels. Also support Redis-instances with passwords, see documentation for more


  • Alerterator is released. A simple way to manage alerts/metrics. See documentation for more



  • Our Kubernetes clusters are now open through the NAV-network or VPN! Just download the lateste kubeconfigs and get started


  • Upgraded Kubernetes to 1.12.3


  • Upgraded Kubernetes to 1.11.5


  • Changed security model from everyone has read/write to read everyting and write only on team-specific resources. See slack-message for what to do

[2018 - october]

  • Silent release of Naiserator. We created a new version of Naisd to be a third-party app for Kubernetes, using the Kubernetes Operator toolset. Check out the naiserator repo for more info


  • Added Vault by Hashicorp, which is a tool to manage secrets, see documentation for more

[2018 - June]

  • Created a new service/bot for Slack, to help team arrange stand-up. Check out

[2018 - March]

[2018 - February]

[2018 - January]

  • New service for creating ForgeRock AM config (Norwegian) in SBS or FSS, it's called Named (NAIS Access Management Extension)