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Allowed registries

In an effort to minimize risk, we restrict the origin of Docker images to a set of known repositories. This ensures that if we get compromised, malicious images can't be pulled directly from an arbitrary source, but must exist at a pre-known location.


When a Pod, Deployment, CronJob, or Application resource is applied to the cluster, the image tag is validated against the list of allowed sources. If the image is not in the list, the resource will not be created, and the user will receive the following error message: "application.yaml": admission webhook "" denied the request: [denied by allowed-registry] image 'not_allowed/image' is not in the list of allowed sources

Images from unlisted registry

Re-tag the image and upload it to Docker Package Registry:

docker pull unlisted/image:tag
docker tag unlisted/image:tag
docker push

Alternatively, in special cases, submit a pull request to the list of allowed sources instead.