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Changing teams

This section applies when you get the following error when deploying:

"" denied the request: user 'system:serviceaccount:default:serviceuser-MYTEAM' has no access to team 'OTHERTEAM'

To change which team owns an application you must use kubectl and change the team label for the application. Deploying with the new team will not work if there exists an Application with the old team label set.

The easiest way to do this is with this one-liner. The user running the command must be a member of both the old and new team.


Windows users: this one-liner will not work. Try the alternate method below.

kubectl patch app MYAPPLICATION --type merge --patch '{"metadata":{"labels":{"team":"MYTEAM"}}}'

Alternate version: run the following command, and change the field to the new team.

kubectl edit app MYAPPLICATION

Last update: 2020-11-11
Created: 2019-11-18