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Delete app

If you want to completely remove your application from a cluster, you need to have kubectl installed, and access to the cluster.

Then run the following command:

kubectl delete app <app-name> -n <namespace> --context <cluster>

This will remove the application/pods from the cluster, do some minor cleaning (removing your ingress), and that's all.

Other services needs to be manually removed, such as:


I deleted an application by running kubectl delete deployment <app-name>, why did it reappear?


An Application is a resource in Kubernetes that itself is the source of configuration for other resources, e.g. Deployment. By only deleting Deployment, it will be recreated whenever the parent resource Application is synchronized again.

To ensure that an application is completely deleted from the cluster, delete the Application as described above.

If you just want to remove all running pods for your application, set the spec.replicas.min and spec.replicas.max values to 0. Prefer this over deleting the Deployment.

Last update: 2022-10-11
Created: 2021-01-26