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Aiven discontinues InfluxDB

Aiven has informed us that they will discontinue support for InfluxDB. The timeline is yet to be confirmed, but could be as early as end-of-year 2022. Talk to us in NAIS before starting to use InfluxDB

The NAIS platform offers Influxdb via Aiven. A typical use case is to store metrics from your app and visualize them in Grafana.

Get your own instance

As there are many teams that need Influxdb we use an IaC-repo to provision each instance. Head over to aiven-iac.

Username and password

For now we are manually distributing the username and password for each instance. There is only one user for Influxdb. Contact us in #pig-aiven to get your credentials.

Default database name

The default database name is defaultdb.

Retention policies

The default database is created with a default retention policy of 30 days. You might want to adjust this by e.g. creating a new default retention policy with 1 year retention:

create retention policy "365d" on "defaultdb" duration 365d replication 1 shard duration 1w default

Datasource in

Let us know in #pig-aiven if you want your Influxdb to be exposed at This means that everyone can access your data.

Access from Nais-app

If you need access from an application, you need to specify Inluxdb instance. See nais.yaml-reference.

Loading CA-certificate

Your application will also need an CA-certificate for your app to be able to connect to Aiven with SSL. The certificate will be loaded into your pod as an environment variable if you define a .spec.kafka.pool in your nais.yaml file.

Access from laptop

With Naisdevice you have access to the aiven-prod gateway. This is a JITA (just in time access) gateway, so you need to describe why, but the access is automatically given.

influx -username avnadmin -password foo -host -port 26482 -ssl

PS: Remember to use Influxdb CLI pre v2. For example v1.8.3.


We do not offer support on Influxdb as software, but questions about Aiven and provisioning can be directed to #pig_aiven on Slack.