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OpenTelemetry Tracing Reference

Environment variables

The following environment variables are available for configuring the tracing library:

Name Description Default value
OTEL_SERVICE_NAME The name of the service. $APP_NAME
OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES A comma-separated list of key-value pairs to be added to the resource attributes.$APP_NAME,service.namespace=$APP_NAMESPACE
OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT The endpoint to send trace data to. http://tempo-distributor.nais-system:4317
OTEL_EXPORTER_PROTOCOL The protocol to use when sending trace data. Must be grpc. grpc

Instrumentation libraries

The following libraries are available for instrumenting your application:

Language Library
Java OpenTelemetry Java
Node.js OpenTelemetry Node.js
Python OpenTelemetry Python
Go OpenTelemetry Go

You can also see the nais/examples repository for examples of how to instrument your application.