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Service discovery

Applications deployed to Kubernetes are exposed through what is known as a Service. This is an internal address that allows for direct communication within a Kubernetes environment / cluster without having to go through an external ingress, load balancer, or proxy.

graph LR
  accTitle: Service Discovery
  accDescr: The diagram shows how App A can communicate with App B directly.
  app-a[App A] --http://app-b --> app-b[App B]

Service discovery is the recommended way to communicate between applications in the environment. This avoids having to expose your application to the outside world, and allows for direct communication between applications with lower latency.

Each application is automatically provisioned with a service with the same name as the application itself.

The service provides a well-known, stable internal address for a set of pods. This means that if a pod dies, moves or is upgraded, the Service will continue to automatically route requests to the remaining healthy pods.

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