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Part 1 - Create application

This tutorial will take you through the process of getting a simple application up and running on NAIS.



Throughout this guide, we will use the following conventions:

  • <MY-APP> - The name of your NAIS application (e.g. joannas-first)
  • <MY-TEAM> - The name of your NAIS team (e.g. onboarding)
  • <GITHUB-ORG> - Your GitHub organization (e.g. navikt)
  • <MY-ENV> - The name of the environment you want to deploy to (e.g. dev)

NB! Choose names with lowercase letters, numbers and dashes only.

1. Create your own GitHub repository

Create your own repo using the nais/hello-nais as a template.

You create a new repository through either the GitHub UI or through the GitHub CLI:

gh repo create <GITHUB-ORG>/<MY-APP> --template nais/hello-nais --private --clone
cd <MY-APP>

2. Grant your team access to your repository

Open your repository:

gh repo view --web

Click on Settings -> Collaborators and teams -> Add teams.

Select your team, and grant them the Write role.

You have now successfully created your own application repository and granted your team access to it. In the next steps we will have a closer look at the files needed to make this application NAIS!