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What is a team?

Everything in NAIS is organized around the concept of a team. Nothing in NAIS is owned by an individual; the team as a whole owns the workloads built by the team, as well as all provisioned resources. This is to ensure that everything can continue to operate even if someone leaves.

A NAIS team doesn't necessarily map directly to the organizational team unit, and (usually) consists of purely technical personnel developing and operating on the same set of products or services. The reason for this is that being member of a NAIS team will grant you access to all the workloads and provisioned resources that the team owns. To reduce the attack surface, it's a good idea to limit access to the people that actually need it.

The anatomy of a team

A team has two different roles, owner and member. A team has at least one owner, and can have multiple members. The owners have permission to add and remove members, as well as changing the roles of the members. You can be a member and owner of multiple teams.

What does a NAIS team provide?

When you create a team, the following will be provisioned for you:

  • An isolated area for your team's workload and resources in each environment (e.g. dev and prod)
  • A GitHub team with the same name in your GitHub organization. The members of your NAIS team will be synchronized with the GitHub team.
  • Roles and permissions to access the teams workloads and resources.