Prometheus is used to scrape metrics from the pod. You have to add Prometheus in your NAIS manifest to enable scrape.

Each app that have scraping enabled can use the default Grafana dashboard nais-app-dashboard, or create theire own.

NAIS manifest config

enabled: false # if true the pod will be scraped for metrics by prometheus
path: /metrics # Path to prometheus-metrics

Prometheus is optional

JVM Application

If you are building an app on the JVM you can use Prometheus' own Java client library. Make sure to enable scraping in the NAIS manifest.

We also recommend to export the default metrics.


Push metrics

If you don't want to just rely on pull metrics, you can push data directly to InfluxDB via Sensu.

This is easily done by writing to the Sensu socket.


Remember to format the data as Influxdb syntax.


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