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Delete Kafka topic and data


Permanent deletes are irreversible. Enable this feature only as a step to completely remove your data.

Enable data deletion

When a Topic resource is deleted from a Kubernetes cluster, the Kafka topic is still retained, and the data kept intact. If you need to remove data and start from scratch, you must add the following annotation to your Topic resource:

kind: Topic
  annotations: "true"

When this annotation is in place, deleting the topic resource from Kubernetes will also delete the Kafka topic and all of its data.

Apply the Topic resource

Add the file to your application repository to deploy with NAIS github action.

kubectl apply -f ./nais/topic.yaml --namespace=<MY-TEAM> --context=<MY-CLUSTER>

Delete the topic resource

kubectl delete -f ./nais/topic.yaml --namespace=<MY-TEAM> --context=<MY-CLUSTER>