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Troubleshooting naisdevice

  • naisdevice cannot connect, yet /msg @Kolide status is happy!
    • Disconnect and re-connect naisdevice =)!
  • Kolide is reporting that your device has not been seen "in a long time"
  • Browser does not open after you click connect and naisdevice
    • Restart your default browser.
  • Outgoing UDP connections to 51820/UDP must be open in your firewall and or modem provided by your ISP.
    • Try using hotspot to eliminate router config problems (remember to disconnect from WiFi on your hotspot device and make sure you use 4G/5G by checking
  • Fresh start
    • Stop naisdevice
    • Remove configuration directory
      • Mac: rm -r "~/Library/Application Support/naisdevice/"
      • Linux: rm -r "~/.config/naisdevice/"
      • Windows: rmdir /s "C:\ProgramData\NAV\naisdevice\"
    • Start naisdevice