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Buckets reference

Backup of a bucket

There is no automatic backup enabled for buckets. I.e. the files can not be restored in the event of accidental deletion or storage system failure.


  • retentionPeriodDays is set in number of days, if not set; no retention policy will be set and files can be deleted by application or manually.

  • lifecycleCondition can be set to verify which files/objects are subject to permanent deletion based on the conditions set.

    • age specifies days it has existed in the bucket before it can be deleted.
    • createdBefore specifies a date all files created before this date can be deleted.
    • numNewerVersions specifies the number of revisions that must be kept, all older revisions can be deleted.
    • withState specifies which state (LIVE, ARCHIVED, ANY) the object must have before being subject to permanent deletion.

      The latter two are subject to object versioning being set on objects, as unversioned objects do not have multiple versions and have state value LIVE.