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Communicate inside the environment

This guide will show you how to communicate with other workloads inside the same environment.


Identify the endpoint you want to communicate with

To identity the endpoint of the workload we are communicating with, we need to know it's name and what namespace it's running in.

If the workload you are calling is in the same namespace, you can reach it by calling it's name directly using HTTP like so:


If the workload is running in another team's namespace, you need to specify the namespace as well:


With this endpoint, you can now call the workload using HTTP from your own workload.

Note for on-prem

If your workload has webproxy enabled, you should use the full hostname for all service discovery calls:


This is to ensure that your workload does not attempt to perform these in-cluster calls through the proxy, as the environment variable NO_PROXY includes *.local.