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device command

The device command can be used to connect to, disconnect from, and view the connection status of naisdevice. Currently, the command requires the processes naisdevice-agent and naisdevice-helper to run, both of which can be run by starting naisdevice.


Requests a connection and waits for success. The expected result is "Connected".

nais device connect


Requests a disconnection and waits for success. The expected result is "Disconnected".

nais device disconnect


Prints the current connection status of naisdevice-agent. This includes connection status, as well as gateways and their current statuses.

nais device status
Flag Required Short Default Description
quiet No -q false Only print connection status.
output No -o yaml Specify one of yaml or json as output format

output format

If the output format and quiet flags are specified, output takes precedence.


Starts the just-in-time access flow for a named gateway. This should redirect you to a browser to submit a request for just-in-time access.

nais device jita my-privileged-access-gateway
Argument Required Description
gateway Yes The desired gateway to establish a connection to.

Which gateways require just-in-time access?

You can view gateways and their JITA requirement with nais device status.

This snippet explicitly shows the names of gateways with that requirement.

nais device status -ojson | jq -r '.Gateways[] | select(.requiresPrivilegedAccess == true) | .name'


Shows and adjusts the naisdevice-agent configuration.


Shows the current naisdevice-agent configuration. Currently, there are only to config fields: AutoConnect and CertRenewal.

nais device config get


Sets a naisdevice-agent configuration field to a desired value.

nais device config set AutoConnect true
Argument Required Description
setting Yes The setting to adjust. Must be one of [autoconnect, certrenewal], case insensitive.
value Yes The value to set. Must be one of [true, false], or anything strconv.ParseBool can parse.