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Create Redis via Application

You can create many Redis instances for your Application.



It is not possible to share Redis instances between teams.

Enable Redis in your manifest


    - instance: sessions
      access: readwrite
    - instance: lookup
      access: read

The above snippet will allow your application to use the sessions Redis instance, and provide the application with credentials for a read/write user. In addition, the application will get credentials for a read-only user for the lookup instance. See the manifest reference for other options for access.

If all you need is a Redis instance for one application using just the default settings, this is all you need. If you want to share a Redis instance across applications, or want to change configuration away from the defaults, please read the section on explicitly creating Redis instances.

For each Redis instance, your application will receive three environment variables. The environment variables use a fixed prefix, and the instance name uppercased as a suffix.

Key Value
REDIS_URI_<InstanceName> The URI for the instance
REDIS_USERNAME_<InstanceName> The username to use when connecting.
REDIS_PASSWORD_<InstanceName> The password to use when connecting.