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Content Delivery Network Reference

This is the reference documentation for the CDN service.

How-to guides

🎯 Upload assets to the CDN

CDN Deploy Action

Reference documentation for the CDN GitHub action.


The action accepts the following inputs:

input description default required
team Team name true
source Source directory true
destination Destination directory true
project_id Should be ${{ vars.NAIS_MANAGEMENT_PROJECT_ID }} true
identity_provider Should be ${{ secrets.NAIS_WORKLOAD_IDENTITY_PROVIDER }} true
tenant Tenant name "nav" false
source_keep_parent_name Keep parent directory name when uploading true false
cache_invalidation Invalidate cached content after upload false false
no_cache_paths Comma separated list of paths that should not be cached "" false



List of successfully uploaded files.

Available as ${{ steps.<job-id>.outputs.uploaded }}

For example:

- id: 'upload-cdn'
  name: Upload static files to NAV CDN
  uses: nais/deploy/actions/cdn-upload/v2@master

will be available in future steps as ${{ steps.upload-cdn.outputs.uploaded }}